Red Wine gives me a headache

"Red wine gives me a headache". I hear this all the time. I would like to express my opinion on red wine and headaches.  In my opinion, you are most likely drinking the wrong wine. The first thing you should be aware of when buying wine is to check that there are no added sulfites. Almost all wines have sulfites. If sulfites are eliminated from the wine they will not last long in the bottle especially after they are opened.  Sulfites are a naturally occurring part of all winemaking. Over processed wines will have added sulfites to make them more shelf stable. More sulfites more chance of headaches. You may also want to avoid any high Tannin wines, these are big, dry wines, usually 14% or higher alcohol content.

Some wines you should avoid buying are mass produced wines.  Wines that are on every retail store shelf and readily available are more likely to give you a headache than small production wines.  You will also find some over-processed wines in places that have exclusivity on the products they sell. Most likely they will be priced under $10.00 for a 750 ml bottle and will be advertised as in-store products that cannot be found anywhere else.  These wines generally will be very smooth and tasty. Don't be fooled you will most likely get a headache from them. They will not always be labeled as having added sulfites. 

Some of the best bets on buying wines that are not overprocessed are from small production, single vineyard, or Estate wines. These wines are not necessarily expensive and can be found for under $20.00  for a 750 ml bottle in most retail stores. 

Cappuccino's Fine Wine and Espresso Bar in Dunedin Florida sells some of the most amazingly inexpensive red wines.  All our wines are personally selected by Chef Hazel to sell on our shelves to our customers. She has made it her mission to test every new wine and new vintage that comes into the store before putting it on the shelf for resale. If the wine gives her a headache after drinking the bottle it goes back to the supplier. Please drink responsibly. 

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