Organic Biodynamic wine

I recently visited one of the most amazing wineries near Vina Del Mar, Chile, South America. The  Emiliana Organic Vineyard is located between Vina Del Mar and Santiago Chile in the Colchagua Valley. The vineyards are certified Biodynamic by Demeter international e.V, as well as certified Organic by the IMO Switzerland. The wines are also a certified Carbon Neutral Wine by TUV SUD and Certified Social Responsibility by IMO for life. 

Grapes are all hand harvested, and only the finest grapes are used to make some of the most amazing wines in Chile. The vines are all pruned by hand by local residents. You will see Ducks and Roosters as well as many different plants that help protect the vines as you stroll thru the vineyard. With the Andes Mountains to the East and the Pacific ocean to the west, this is the perfect setting for organic farming. Chile’s pristine environment offers exceptional growing conditions in which to nurture world-class organic wines.

Founded in 1986 by Chile’s Guilisasti family, Emiliana Vineyards is a privately owned initiative dedicated to producing wines made from organic grapes and, in the case of the super-premium Emiliana Gê and Coyam, made in accordance with biodynamic principals as well. Introduction of the debut 2003 vintage Gê marked the release of South America’s first ever certified biodynamic wine.

We are proud to serve Coyam here at Cappuccino's Fine Wine and Espresso bar in Dunedin Florida as well as several other wines from this Vineyard.  When in Chile I highly recommend this Vineyard a must see.

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